Chintz Quilts for Baby Girls — Done

The quilts for Eryn and Megan are packed up and ready to mail. Most of the glaze disappeared when I washed the quilts after the photos were taken. It was a little sad, even though I knew it would happen, but the quilts look nice now that they’re all clean and puffy. I always wash quilts as soon as I finish them — especially baby quilts.

I think I prefer the petal quilting on the squares in this quilt, but my favorite border is on the first quilt. Anyway, it was fun to mix up the quilting designs since the quilts themselves are pretty similar. I’ve really enjoyed working with the heavier linen thread, and will certainly use it again, although probably not on glazed chintz. Having to use pliers as a thread puller was kind of a drag.

Chintz Baby Quilt #2
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2014
Machine Pieced, Hand Quilted
37″ x 45″


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