Strippy Postage Stamp Quilt – WIP

There’s a reason I can relate to the 1930s quilter who cut all of those tiny quilt pieces for the Double Nine-Patch quilt, which was the subject of my last post. The reason is that I have my own box of slightly larger vintage postage stamp pieces and a partial quilt top that has been languishing for some time. Before I start work on trimming the squares for the Double-Nine Patch, I should probably finish this strippy top.

I was inspired by a similar quilt I saw on an ebay years ago, because I liked the solid/white strips. This is a great pattern for using chain piecing, so the construction goes fairly quickly. Cutting out the little (1 1/8″) squares (852 for each strip) takes much longer. I have no idea if I have enough to finish the quilt, but I sort of doubt it. The top is currently 30″ x 82″ and I need to make six more strips.




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