Strippy Four-Patch Quilt with Antique Fabric

I am so happy to be hand quilting again. This top was finished in 2010, and was made to replace the fleece we’ve been using in our family room (we keep the temperature in our house on the cool side). The poor top has been sitting in the quilting queue for the longest time, and now it’s finally done. That makes two smallish tops quilted in the past two months, with no pain.

The blocks in this top (and one other) were made with squares from an antique one-patch top that I completely disassembled. For the setting triangles I used antique, vintage and reproduction shirtings; the alternate strip is also a reproduction fabric. Because the quilt is basically a utility quilt, I decided to give it a simple all-over quilting pattern. I think the clamshell design worked well with the four-patches and the plain strip.

Strippy Four-Patch Quilt
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2014
machine pieced, hand quilted
56″ x 56″


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