QisforQuilter Etsy Shop is Open

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all of the nice comments on my Baby Aster quilt top instructions.  I added the two suggestions from Joyce and Mickie to state the dimensions (good catch, Mickie), and put a level of difficulty (great idea, Joyce).  The kit is all put together and ready to go.

I was so nervous, but I finally pressed the “publish” button on my Etsy shop.  You’ll notice if you visit the shop that I never did manage to get 24 items made; I only have 15 aprons and one measly quilt kit.  It’s actually pretty time consuming to put those kits together, but (with the exception of writing instructions) I love working on them.

The snowball instructions are almost complete, and I’ve drafted several new doll quilt patterns I’m pretty excited about — a heart quilt based on Emily’s bride quilt, a couple of adapted Anne Orr grid-type patterns using the vintage fabric from the barely started Anne Orr quilt top I purchased last year,  and a feedsack quilt using a variation of the Kansas Dugout pattern.

So, here is the one and only quilt kit for now.

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