Decorating Pillbox Hats

This turned out to be such a fun activity at Emily’s shower.  The guests really got into it and the hats they made were all so original.  I would highly recommend this as a party craft.

The hats take a little while to make, but once you get it down, they go pretty quickly.  I used this tutorial video with some small changes.  The long piece of the hat needed to be shorter (9 3/4″ on the fold instead of 10 1/2″), which may have been because I was using stiffer bottom weight fabric instead of something more malleable like felt.  I also added iron-on interfacing (2 pieces to the side, and one to the top) to give the hat more structural integrity so it could support all the decorations — some of the girls put a lot of stuff on their hats.

Emily and I had so much fun buying things to attach to the hats.  Flowers, ribbons, birds (and bird nests), buttons, jewels, feathers & fruit are the more basic things we bought, but it’s also fun to add some weird items as well.  You’ll also need to buy cheap low-temp glue guns — we had one for every two or three guests.  I displayed all the decorations on the dining room table and gave each person a tray to collect her items.  Then they went to stations around the house where I had placed the glue guns in ceramic coffee cups.

Now I’m really sorry I didn’t take some close-ups of the hats so you could see how unique they were.  Since I didn’t, I decided to decorate the two leftover hats with the leftover decorations just so you could see how easy this is.  Mine aren’t nearly as cute as the ones made by our guests (see previous post), but you get the idea.

And now . . . on to the winners of the apron drawing.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone for participating and your nice comments.  I will be contacting the winners today.

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