Alice Brooks Pieced Butterfly Pattern

In a couple of posts here and here, I have talked about this pattern and shown a couple of blocks. I have finally managed to scan the entire original pattern. You will notice that my butterfly is different, having 4 D pieces in each wing, as opposed to 3 in the original pattern. It was necessary for me to re-draft the pattern in order to accommodate the vintage quilt swatches I wanted to use in this quilt. I also decided to eliminate a couple of seams. My altered pattern is available here, in case you prefer the 4-piece version.

This is a wonderful pattern for hand stitching (I pieced with a running stitch, without papers), but it is probably not a good choice for a beginning quilter.

Because this pattern is large, it will need to be tile printed. Clicking on the pattern image below will open a full-sized pdf file. Scroll to the bottom of that image, and click on the download button. Open the downloaded file in Acrobat Reader, and select “poster” in the print dialog box. This will allow you to tile print the original pattern size on multiple sheets of letter or legal sized paper, which you can then trim and tape or glue together.

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