Vintage-Inspired Apron – #15

Emily wanted a longer apron because I made a short one for her last year.  For the most part I copied an old Advance pattern (4998) which I saw on Flickr.  I decided to take the zig-zag border up the back of the apron as well, because the bride and groom fabric is only 36″ wide and I didn’t have enough to add more to the ends.  The apron is pleated rather than gathered — I was pretty sick of gathers after the last apron.  Both of the prints I used are vintage tightly woven dress percales.

One of the fun things about making these aprons is deciding how to construct a design I have in my head or see in a photo.  It would be interesting to look at the original pattern instructions to see how my construction differs.  For some reason the designs are getting more elaborate as I go along — I doubt there will be any more posts with 2 apron finishes.

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