Doll Quilt Blocks with Antique Fabric #2

This morning I finished the first row of the doll quilt. It would have been nice to have a little stripe for the sashing (I like the print in the original quilt), but I didn’t have a piece large enough. I also wish I had enough fabric to make the sashing 1/4″ wider, but I don’t. Even at it’s current width, I may run out of the sashing fabric, but If I do, I’ll make the outside border from a different print. You may notice I made the outer border of my block pattern a little smaller than the pictured quilt — that’s because my scraps are so tiny I wouldn’t have been able to cut the four matching rectangle pieces.

This pattern is a lot of fun because the blocks look very different depending upon the color and contrast of the fabrics in each piece. I try not to spend too much time obsessing over the fabric selections for each block — I even decided to start sewing them together now instead of waiting to arrange them when all of the blocks are done. You can drive yourself crazy over-thinking this kind of thing on a scrap quilt (or at least I can), so for me it just works best to relax and keep going (even if you think you’ve made a pretty weird-looking block, and I’m not saying which one that might be).

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