Emily’s Halloween Costumes

Emily just sent some photos of her Halloween costume this year. It’s from one of our favorite movies, The Birds. Amazingly, there are people who have never seen the movie, or any other Hitchcock movie for that matter. I think that’s just sad.

We managed to find a bottom-weight fabric that was close to the right shade of green and a pattern for an open jacket that was a pretty good match for the one the Melanie Daniels character wears in most of the movie. First, I had to make a “muslin” (as my friend, Jan, refers to it) because Emily is quite a bit smaller than the pattern’s size 8 — I made my muslin out of an old tablecloth. I cut down a t-shirt of mine for the top — it was hard to find a match for that green color.




Emily didn’t win the prize at her office party, but I think the costume is pretty good — if I do say so myself! Last year she did win wearing a costume that was a bit more work than the one I made this year.


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