Mother Goose Quilt Block #5

I can’t believe I’m making another Mother Goose quilt when I just finished one last week, but I love these illustrations from The Very Young Mother Goose. I am trying to match the colors to the originals because that’s one of the things I love about the pictures — also the shapes of the trees and the blue trunks. These are so simple and go quickly. If I could stay on track, I could finish one every other day (one evening to color, and one to embroider). I have no idea what kind of set I’m going to use for this quilt which is weird for me — I usually have a plan for the top, although I almost never know how I’m going to do the quilting. I don’t even know how many blocks to make.


I like little pussy, her coat is so warm.
And if I don’t hurt her she’ll do me no harm;
So I’ll not pull her tail, nor drive her away
But pussy and I very gently will play.

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