The Very Young Mother Goose

I rewrote this post after actually attempting to make one of these blocks.

Vintage Mother Goose and ABC books are my favorites and I just found this used book on Amazon.  I saw some photos of another one on ebay a while back and thought these illustrations would be perfect for crayon colored quilt blocks with a black embroidery outline.  I love the simple shapes and the stained glass look of them.  Every illustration in this book is so cute, I had a hard time deciding which ones to post.

I read somewhere that you could iron freezer paper to the fabric back to stabilize it while coloring — I tried this and it worked really well.  At first I colored the block – ironed – colored again – ironed again to get a really saturated color.  The colors did look great, but the fabric was unpleasantly stiff.  Then I tried it again last night with only one application, but trying to cover well and being consistent.  I think it turned out pretty cute the second time and the outlining is going well with 2 stands of DMC.

The Very Young Mother Goose, Illustrated by Margot Austin                      Platt & Munk, 1940 (Revised 1964)

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