Embroidered Place Cards

Here’s a little project for my mother-in-law’s upcoming 86th birthday. It’s easy and fun to do, and reminds me of stitching sewing cards when I was little.


Select an Alphabet
I used an old Leisure Arts booklet (20 Backstitch Alphabets, Mini Series #2). You could also use a font. These instructions are for working with a block type alphabet that will line up with a grid.

Draw the Names on Grid Paper
Pick a grid size that will work with your place card size (I used 1/10th inch). You might have to adapt the design to fit the front of your place card (some of my I letters are narrower than others). Make your lines fairly dark so you will be able to see them through the cardstock.

Cut your Cardstock into Place cards
My placecards are 4 1/4″ wide x 4″, cut from legal size cardstock with a parchment design. They will be folded in half after stitching.

Copy the Dots onto your Cards
Use a light box of some sort and position your card over your drawing. Make sure you copy the dots to the bottom half of the card, which will be the front. Place a tiny pencil dot at each point you want to insert your needle.

Punch Holes in your Cards
Using an embroidery needle, poke small holes in each dot.

Stitch your Names
Use perle cotton, floss, or any similar thread to stitch the names in back stitch. Fold the card in half so it will stand on its own.

Moving on now to making crepe paper flowers, which will serve as both the centerpieces and party favors.

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