Santa’s Follow the Colors Embroidered Quilt – quilting in progress

Finally, the quilting has begun on this poor, neglected quilt top that I finished almost two years ago.  The past two Christmases I have put this quilt on the wall as a top, and felt terribly guilty that I couldn’t manage to get it quilted.  Hopefully, I can complete the quilting in the next couple of months, and I’ll be able to display it correctly this Christmas.

Normally, if I were going to do diagonal quilting through this type of square sashing pattern, I would quilt through the patterned squares.  However, because this is an embroidered quilt, the predominant squares having a white background, I thought it might look better to quilt through the white squares instead.  I outline quilted the embroidered designs (because I didn’t want to quilt through them), and then extended the diagonal lines through the white squares.  I’m really happy with the way this is turning out.

UPDATE:  The finished quilt can be seen here, and if you would like to stitch any of these cute designs, the patterns are available here.


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