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Free Pattern Friday — Vintage Monogram Letters

These monogram letters were published in two Sunday issues of the Oregon Daily Journal in 1917. The designer suggested that the letters would be suitable for for marking sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, buffet and dresser scarves, and that they should be padded heavily before working in satin stitch. There are no instructions — it’s just assumed the reader knows how to pad satin stitching. Fortunately, we have access to this great Mary Corbet video to learn how to make perfect padded satin stitches.

Oh, and some of those really tiny holes . . . I’d fill them in. I’m looking at you, A, E K, and L.

To print, click on each of the 2 images to open a full-sized pdf file. Scroll to the bottom and click on the download button. Open the downloaded file in Acrobat Reader, and select “poster” in the print dialog box. This will allow you to tile print the original pattern size on multiple sheets of letter sized paper in portrait mode, which you can then trim and tape or glue together.




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