McCall’s Monday — Outline Figures for Child’s Trimming

This is a minuscule illustration from my 1928 McCall’s Needlework Catalog which was scanned it at a very high resolution and traced in Photoshop. I had to take a few liberties with the lines where the quality was poor, but I hope the results are usable. Click images to enlarge.


mccalls-1589-hockey-bunny mccalls-1589-hedgehog mccalls-1589-cat-and-bird mccalls-1589-girl-hedgehog mccalls-1589-pig mccalls-1589-woman mccalls-1589-bunny-duck mccalls-1589-cats-teeter-totter mccalls-1589-birds-and-flower mccalls-1589-birds-bowl mccalls-1589-bunnies-and-tree mccalls-1589-bear-family mccalls-1589-dancing-bunnies

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