Free Pattern Friday — Jungle Picture Embroidery Pattern, 1923

Tiny Fingers Can Turn This Jungle Picture Into a Beautiful Cushion Top


“Here is a gift that the tiny seamstress can make for Grandmother or Aunty. The entire pattern should be worked in simple stitches and when finished it will make a nice cover for a pillow. Use white or colored lines and transfer the design with carbon paper. Use outline stitch for the elephant, the trunks of the palm trees, center of the leaves, and the long lines forming stalks and blades of grass. For the short blades of grass and leaves of the trees, use single stitch. Work the elephants eye in satin stitch. The outer line forming a frame is part of the design, so do not forget to embroider it. Use black for the frame, for the elephant, and the birds (in the sky). Various tones of green, yellow and blue should be used for the foliage. If natural colored linen is used, the design works up very effectively in a single color, preferably delft blue or red.”

Fort Wayne Sentinel, 1923

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