McCall’s Monday — Embroidered Bunny Quilt

Okay . . . it’s actually Tuesday and I’m late, but these transfers were in bad shape and had to be redrawn in Photoshop, which takes way longer than the usual clean up. They’re pretty cute, though, and I hope you enjoy them.

I made a quilt using these designs for a co-worker before I had a blog, so no pictures. Why didn’t I take pictures back then?!? I did the embroidery in pink, but used a different setting than indicated in the pattern. You’ll have to take my word for it that it turned out really cute.

I don’t have any templates for this pattern, or a pattern envelope — just the transfers and a scaled drawing. The construction is not too difficult, so I think you’ll be able to figure it out, or you could change it up like I did. Click images to enlarge.

McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-6 McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-5 McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-1 McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-9 McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-8 McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-4 McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-10 McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-2 McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-3 McCall-671-Bunny-Quilt-9


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