McCall’s Monday — 1920s Toddler Dress Pattern

This is my favorite style of dress for little girls — no bodice, just free and loose, gathered at the shoulders or yoke. They’re comfortable for the little wearer, easy to make and fit, and can be worn with pants when they become too short. Another plus is that when sewn with today’s fabrics, they can look very modern.

These 1920s McCall’s patterns with their adorable illustrations show up pretty regularly on Ebay and Etsy, but they are crazy expensive. Sometimes the sellers include a photo of the pattern back, which can be helpful when trying to draft your own pattern. As you can see in the photo, there are usually only a few pattern pieces which are illustrated, although the scale never looks quite right to me. Drafting the pattern probably requires a child’s dress form or, even better, a real little girl. I’m going to try making this one, and if it turns out okay, I’ll write a tutorial.

These little dresses often have tiny embroidered details, which is the best part.




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