Free Pattern Friday — Kite Variation Quilt for Hand Piecing

For me, this pattern includes all the things that are enjoyable about hand piecing — curved seams, set-in seams, and an interesting design that works for a scrappy quilt, which is just about the only kind I make.

This pattern was part of a large “quilting ephemera” lot I purchased at a tiny thrift store. I believe these pages were cut from one of the earlier Lady’s Circle Patchwork Quilts magazines, since the patterns at the back of those early issues were on darker paper. Because there’s no photo of the quilt (she seemed to only cut out the patterns), I put four of the blocks together so you can see the secondary design.

Clicking on the first two images below will link to a pdf version of the pattern, which you can view, download, and print on letter-sized paper. The pattern makes an 18″ block, but you could print it at a lower percentage if you prefer a smaller block.

Update:  I’ve added a stitch guide at the bottom of this post. There are many ways this block could be put together, but this is how I would do it.






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