Appliquéd Denim Coverlet — Edge Stitching

The denim quilt is moving forward slowly, because I’m working on 4 projects at once. They’re all very different, though, which is nice when I want a break from sewing through denim.

It took way longer than I thought to match up each appliquéd block with a back. If I were only using one color of thread for the edging, I wouldn’t have had to coordinate the block and the back. But since I’m using many colors, I wanted the thread to look good on the back as well as the front. I try to have 5 or 6 blocks sewn together on my machine during the day, so I can blanket stitch them in the evening.

For the edging I’m using perle cotton which I wind on craft sticks (tongue depressor size) and store in fishing tackle boxes. It feels good to have all the fabric selected and cut . . . now I just have to get busy getting these blocks ready for the last phase — crocheting them all together.


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