Free Pattern Friday — Embroidery Designs for Baby, Winifred Worth, 1920

Designs-for-Baby's-FrockIt’s unusual to see geometric or “Egyptian” embroidery designs for baby clothing, but I love the way these patterns look in the article’s cute illustration. Here’s what Winifred Worth had to say about her design.

Anything for baby finds a ready response in every needleworker’s heart, and the daintiness of this design should especially appeal to you. The border [the last design] is given in motif so arranged that you can transfer it any length you wish while the collar and body decorations [the first three designs] are shown complete.

The Design is worked out in more or less Egyptian style using outline for the angle lines and solid stitch for the leaves and auxilliary squares. Nothing could be more appropriate for a baby’s birthday gift than a daintily embroidered dress.


Designs-for-Baby's-Frock-design-1 Designs-for-Baby's-Frock-design-2 Designs-for-Baby's-Frock-design-3Designs-for-Baby's-Frock-design-4a

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