WIP Wednesday — More Denim Coverlet Squares

First of all, thank you so much for all your nice comments on this project. It was so fun to read your suggestions, some of which I have finished in time for this post (airstream, cup, ice cream cone, gingerbread man, cactus). A few of the suggestions might not happen because they require a shape that may be too narrow for my blanket stitching (needle & thread, bow & arrow), but please keep those ideas coming. I have lots more squares to make.

Also thank you for your kind words about my father-in-law. Although he is feeling better, we have decided the 24/7 care needs to be permanent, so I will be spending 3 days or evenings each week with Big G. I am trying to do most of my blogging there, and also attempting to organize my hand sewing for each visit so I have everything I need. We bought extra phone and laptop cables, because I’m always forgetting them. I know many of you who are around my age must be dealing with aging parents, and it can be a difficult. My parents and my brother (who are all deceased) were fortunate to have four girls in the family to care for them. Gordon’s parents just have us, but we live fairly close.

So . . . here are the new little denim squares, which you are probably getting pretty tired of by now.

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