McCall’s Monday — Dressing Tables

These dressing tables are so old-fashioned now, but I still love seeing them in old movies (Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca has one of the best). We even had one of the kidney-shaped dressers when I was little, and I remember my mother making a new skirt for it. Maybe she used this pattern.


I want to make a miniature dressing table for my new 1950s American Girl doll (Mary-Ellen Larkin), which my son and his girlfriend gave me for Christmas. Mary-Ellen is exactly 2 years and 2 days older than me, is the middle child in a similarly-sized family, and even looks a little like me when I was her age (same high bangs and long pony tail). I’m going to have so much fun reproducing my favorite outfits from the 1950s, which were either sewn by my mother, or bought for me by my oldest sister, Jean Ann, when she got her first real job.

Here we are at 9 years old. I’m wearing a dress from Jean Ann.

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