Free Pattern Friday — The Infant of Prague and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux Embroidery Transfers

I attended St. John’s Catholic School in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, through the eighth grade, and one of my favorite activities was collecting holy cards. The nuns (Ursulines, who all wore habits) would give out holy cards as rewards for all kinds of things, so,  even though I was an average student, I had quite a collection. The Blessed Virgin Mary was my favorite, but Saint Thérèse of Lisieux was a close second. This wall hanging design is exactly like my best Saint Thérèse holy card, with the crucifix and the roses.

I always loved the Infant of Prague because he’s like a little doll. The original statue is only 19″ tall, and because he had elaborate jeweled vestments for different occasions, people would often make clothing for their reproduction statues.

Clicking on the pattern image below will open a full-sized pdf file. Scroll to the bottom of the image, and click on the download button. Open the downloaded file in Acrobat Reader, and select “poster” in the print dialog box. This will allow you to tile print the original pattern size on multiple sheets of letter or legal sized paper, which you can then trim and tape or glue together. The transfers are not reversed, as I assumed you would be tracing them directly onto fabric. If you are going to go over the printout with a transfer pencil, you will need to reverse the image first. The instruction sheet for both patterns is available here.



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