WIP Wednesday — More Denim Coverlet Squares

It’s very slow work stitching through this denim, but I’m so happy with the look of it. I have to come up with about 60 more designs, and it’s getting more difficult. When I think of something, I have to make a note of it immediately or I’ll forget. If I get really desperate, I might use lower case letters (currently using upper case letters and numbers 1-10), but I prefer pictures. Let me know in a comment if you have any suggestions.

I have a lot a time for hand sewing these days. My father-in-law, Gordon Sr., fell last week and fortunately only cracked a rib. He will be 95 this year, and is dealing with arthritis in his hips and knees. His wife is 8 years younger, in great health, and still works part time. We felt that he needed someone to be there 24/7, but also wanted Gordon’s mother to be able to continue working at the job she loves. So while she’s at work, I’m spending time with Big G and making sure he uses his walker. We’ve been watching a lot of World War II documentaries while I sew.

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