WIP Wednesday – Denim Appliqué Coverlet

Although I’ve already completed a portion of this coverlet (16 squares), I’ve decided to change my process, and finish all the appliqué on the squares before I put any more of them together. Then I can lay them all out on the floor to decide where to put each one.

It’s a challenge to find subjects for the 6″ squares, since they must be an easily recognizable shape (there are no embroidered details), and they can’t be too narrow (difficult to blanket stitch). Some of the designs I drew myself, but most are adapted from online searches for silhouettes, die cuts and stencils. There will be 164 squares, so I need lots more designs — it’s something I think about as I’m falling asleep each night.

Once all the squares are blanket stitched (3 strands of floss), I’ll back them with a fabric scrap, blanket stitch the edges of the squares, crochet around each square, and then stitch them all together. There are more photos and information in a previous post.

It’s time for another trip to Goodwill to purchase some very large jeans. The best I’ve done is 32 6″ squares from one pair — usually it’s more like 26.


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