Halloween Costumes You Can Make, 1922

Do you think home sewers and crafty people in the 1920s could actually create these costumes with the unbelievably limited directions the publishers give in these articles?  I have my doubts. Still, the illustrations are pretty cute.

1922-Halloween-Costumes-1 1922-Halloween-Costumes-2 1922-Halloween-Costumes-3

Most of the costumes have no instructions at all (simply suggesting you apply fabric or crepe paper to a foundation garment), and there is no mention of a mail order pattern. Also, there was no hot glue!

Here are the individual directions given for three of the costumes in the last illustration.

Frog Costume:  A frog costume is unusual and distinctive. It may be made of cambric, chambray, sateen, satinette or poplin. This costume is suitable for adults, misses and juveniles.

Witch Costume: Witch costumes are always seen at fancy dress occasions. A 36″ bust requires 13 3/4 yards [this is not a typo!] of 36″ sateen. The lower edge measures 2 1/2 yards and can be worn by all.

Pierette Costume: A Pierette costume is pretty for women, misses and juveniles of 26 to 40 bust. A 36″ bust requires 4 1/2 yards of 40″ organdy for ruffles, etc., 5/8 yard of 40″ satin for sash and top of hat and 5/8 yard of 36″ satin for camisole. The costume, as can be seen in the accompanying drawing, is of peg-topped effect at the waist, tapering down to form to the ankle.

So . . . just pull out an old slip, grab some cambric, tulle, crepe paper or cheesecloth, and whip up one of these adorable costumes. Then send me your photos.

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