Mother Goose Quiltie Pattern #14 — Three Wise Men of Gotham

I was not familiar with this nursery rhyme, so when I saw the illustration, I assumed it was “Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub.” Wikipedia has an interesting article about the history of this rhyme, and the connection between New York City and the “Gotham City” of Batman fame.

One of the wise men looks like he has Kyphosis (Dowager’s Hump), which is something that could have happened to me. After my first bone scan, I was surprised to learn I had osteoporosis because I had no family history or other risk factors. So . . . ladies in your sixties, please get tested.

Mother Goose Quiltie Pattern #14


Three wise men of Gotham

Went to sea in a bowl.

If the bowl had been strong,

My tale had been longer.

People are not always as wise as they look. What do you think of three men who would go to sea in a bowl? One good thing, they are only going to sail on your quilt, and of course they will not upset there. They ought not get lonesome because there are three of them and they are all great cronies.

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