Mother Goose Quiltie Pattern #9 – Bye, Baby Bunting

Since it was discovered that blankets should no longer be used to cover baby in her crib, she needs cozy sleepwear for cool nights. Bunting is back, baby!

Mother Goose Quiltie Pattern #9



Bye, Baby Bunting,

Daddy’s gone a hunting,

For to get a ribbit’s skin,

To wrap the Baby Bunting in.

Baby Bunting is bidding “bye” to his daddy. Do you suppose he needs a bigger rabbit skin, or one for Sundays? It seems like Baby Bunting is mighty little to be out alone, but Mother Goose and her helpers can keep care of him till he gets back his daddy and a soft, new coat.

Here’s my doll-sized Baby Bunting block . . .


and here’s the first two rows set together with sashing made from tiny vintage squares (this amazing ebay purchase). I added the top border so you could see how it’s going to be trimmed with vintage rick-rack. It’s very scrappy and busy, but I like it.



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