Photograph Frame Embroidery Patterns

I’ve never embroidered a frame, but I think these would be very pretty. They were designed by Sarah Hale Hunter, whose column appeared in a number of newspapers in the early 1900s. I always enjoy reading the original instructions, so I have included those as well, since they are minimal. Click on the images to enlarge.

An effective photograph frame to be made in colored or white linen, embroidered in this design. The dots and leaves, also the figures at top and bottom, are worked solid. The stems, scrolls and straight lines are done in outline stitch. Mercerized cotton No. 25, or twisted silk, should be used.


This photograph frame may be decorated with the pattern published today. Colored mercerized cotton No. 18 is used on this design with good effect. The leaves and dots are worked solid, with the tendrils in outline stitch. The scrolls are embroidered in the long and short outline stitch. The scalloped design around each corner motif is worked solid, and the interior lines are done in outline stitch.


This design should be worked on heavy linen in white or colors. Work the edge in the long and short stitch, which forms a heavy outline. The scroll inside the edge may be worked solid, also the dots and the veining done in outline stitch. The dotted line indicates where the linen should be cut and pasted back on the foundation. The frame must be mounted on heavy cardboard, and a solid back, covered with linen, is pasted to the frame at the sides and top, leaving the bottom open for the picture to slip in. Mercerized cotton No. 15 or twisted silk may be used for the embroidery.


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