Denim Applique Coverlet Update

I’ve decided to call this a coverlet, since it doesn’t really fit the definition of a traditional quilt sandwich held together with stitches, and it’s not particularly warm and snuggly, either. It’s going to be a sort of bedspread for a twin bed, but not floor length, and I’ll crochet a scalloped edge around the outside.

Now that we’ve got that straight . . . here are the first 16 of 164 6″squares all crocheted together. It went pretty smoothly once I figured out how I wanted to join the squares. I had planned to space the letters in order across the quilt, but then when I was sewing these first two 8-square sections together (the upper left corner of the coverlet), I accidentally placed the section with the A on the bottom and the D section on top. I did not want to rip out any more stitching on this project, so now the letters will be completely random, just like the pictures, and it’s going to make it easier going forward. Seriously, I’m always making stupid mistakes like this — it would worry me that I am getting Alzheimer’s (like my father and grandmother), but I’ve always been this way, so that’s a comfort, I guess.

I’m going to take a break from this quilt now so I can finish the quilting on the String Star Quilt, and also make a little Civil War quilt for Lori’s quilt swap. I know I said “no new quilts,” but it’s just a little one, and she only does this exchange once a year.

There is more info on the making of the denim quilt in a previous post.


Here’s how it looks on the back.denim-applique-quilt-16-blocks-back

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