Vintage Embroidery Transfers – Designs for Children

Here are three transfer sets from the 1923 Standard Designer catalog. The images in the catalog are minuscule compared to the actual transfer sizes, but I have tried to scan them at a large enough resolution to make them usable. Fortunately, the designs are fairly simple.

It’s cute the way they arrange the different motifs in each transfer set — this was probably the way the designs were arranged on the original transfer sheet, but I have no way of knowing for sure.

I love the unusual combination of cross stitch and outline embroidery in the first set. I plan to use several of the Standard Designer children’s designs on one of my WIP quilts (simple appliqué and embroidery on denim squares), but they also would be cute as embellishments on toddler clothing.

Click on the images a couple of times — they’ll get really big.






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