Vintage Embroidery Transfers — Anthropomorphic Dishes

This is Butterick 10202, and I don’t know what year it was published, but it’s pretty darn old. I love anthropomorphic animals, but inanimate objects are even better. My favorites in this group are the brush family, the senior silverware, the plate parade, and the clothespins. I really need to stitch some of these on towels or an apron.

The transfers were a little rough and my digital clean up is far from perfect, but fortunately these are simple drawings, so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble tracing them. Ha! Looking at this envelope, I just realized I forgot to reverse the images. . .oh well, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Click each image for full size.


plates-on-parade rainy-day-glasses jump-rope stacked tea-for-two food-party coffee-time clothespins baking-cookies dinner-time birthday-cake


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