Nancy Page Hand Quilting Designs

Since I have begun hand quilting my first WIP finish for 2015, I thought it would be appropriate to post some vintage quilting designs. These were published in late 1930s newspapers by Florence LaGanke, using the Nancy Page pseudonym. Unlike the Nancy Page series quilts which were free patterns appearing weekly in a full-sized format, the individual quilt block and quilting patterns were mail order only (3¢ for the pattern, plus a return addressed envelope with a 3¢ stamp).

Because these were actually newspaper ads, the illustrations were tiny and crudely drawn — they were just meant to give you an idea of how the finished product would look. I thought they were unusual, though, so I have tried to clean them up, hoping that someone might actually be able to use these interesting geometric designs. They would be wonderful in an alternate solid color block.

Click any image for slideshow. More Nancy Page quilting patterns are available in this later post.


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