January Apron Winner

Congratulations to commenter #11, Laurie aka Giddy99! You are the winner of the January apron.


Next month I am going to do something very different — make a little girl’s apron based on the clipping below from a 1907 newspaper page entitled “For The Home Dressmaker.” The instructions are pretty specific about fabric suggestions (blue denim on the left, and natural-colored linen on the right) and embroidery colors, but there is no mention of how the aprons are constructed. This is similar to old quilt patterns — the writer assumes a level of sewing ability that most women no longer possess. Fortunately, this apron (at least the sleeveless version) is pretty simple.

Although these were meant to be Christmas gifts, they don’t actually have a holiday theme, so the apron could be worn year round. Click on the image to make the text readable.



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