February Valentine Apron Giveaway

It’s early, but I wanted to have time to get the apron to the winner in time for Valentine’s Day.

This apron reminds me of hostess aprons from the 1950s, and like many of the fancy aprons from that period, it is made with sheer cotton organdy. The fabric is from the Goodwill — a Pottery Barn Kids embroidered curtain panel that I initially thought was vintage, because you don’t see cotton organdy much anymore. I added the bound heart pocket to make it Valentine-ish, and a 3-inch hem with vintage trims (thank you Patty). The rose print for the waistband and sashes is a vintage dress percale. The waistband is 25″, the ties are 35″, and it’s 21″ long.

The instructions on the curtain panel said it should be dry cleaned, but I put the fabric through the washer and dryer on delicate, and it came out looking just fine. Of course, if you win this apron, you’ll want to iron it with a little spray starch to get the organdy nice and crisp.

You could wear this apron while you cook your partner a romantic Valentine dinner, or give it as a gift, or maybe just wear it around the house. Leave a comment below if you’d like to enter, and I’ll announce the winners of both the child’s embroidered apron and the Valentine apron on January 31st.




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