Designs Worth Doing, Ruby Short McKim

Mickie asked about other individual RSM patterns, so here is a newspaper design from 1926. Although I love these butterflies, I can’t imagine wanting to stitch them in all white, or even with “spots of color” as suggested below. I would probably stitch the whole butterfly in jewel tones.

Nothing is more nearly a universal favorite among needleworkers than butterfly designs. They have been fashioned of finest lace, embroidered on sheerest mull or brilliantly blazoned in colorful silks. Here are three graceful butterfly motifs that may be traced onto guest towels, scarves, pillow slips, girl’s frocks, and aprons — either as separate motifs or to use with flower designs. They are readily adapted to either all white, madeira style, or to use with color spots of blue, yellow, orange and black.

This is a McKim Studios catalog from the period. I often think how wonderful it would be if one could order stuff from vintage catalogs, and in this case you actually can. Some of these patterns are available at the McKim Studios web site, which is maintained by Ruby Short McKim’s granddaughter. Click on any image for slideshow.


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