October Apron Winner — Aprons Are Nice Gifts

Congratulations to Sarah (commenter #25), who is the winner of the October apron. Unfortunately, there is not going to be a November apron because I am swamped with other projects until the end of November. Hopefully, there will be a Christmas apron for December, which will be my 6 year blog anniversary.


This is a newspaper apron pattern from 1960 for a trio of organdy hostess aprons, each made from one yard of 36″ wide fabric. The 30″ wide apron skirt seems a little skimpy to me, but you could make it wider using a yard of modern fabric. I do like the decorative edge, but I would want to make a deep zig-zag hem facing rather than the narrow hem that’s called for here, and that would take more fabric. Actually, I think a retro organdy hostess apron would be a nice gift, but you could also make this pattern in plain cotton.



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