Lily of the Valley Embroidery Design for Baby Frock

This newspaper pattern was designed by Eleanor Norris and published in 1912 on the women’s page entitled “Work and Play for the Idle Hour.”  It reminds me of the dresses my sisters and I wore when we were babies. They were made in the Philippines out of lovely pastel cottons using techniques we would now call heirloom sewing, but which were very common at the time — tiny tucks, hemstitching, and sweet floral embroideries like these lilies of the valley.

The directions call for padding the satin stitch on the flowers and dots, with vines in outline stitch. I really should try this, because I found an entire bolt of handkerchief linen at the Goodwill that would be perfect for this little frock.




Lilies of the valley are the blossoms used in this design for an exceedingly pretty and simple little frock for the little baby. The design may be used either on a long or short dress, and may be combined with a narrow lace or hemstitching, as one desires. Fine nainsook or handkerchief linen should be selected for the dainty little garment, and the embroidery is to be executed in fine working cotton of a soft finish. Pad the little flowers slightly and work in satin stitch. The vine connecting them should be done in outline stitch. The dots are also to be padded and worked in satin stitch. The little frock may be finished about the lower edge either with buttonholes, scallops or it may be hemstitched.



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