September Apron Giveaway

The apron giveaway for commenters is a little early this month, but I won’t have the drawing until Wednesday morning, September 4. Some days you just wake up and feel like making an apron — I’m sure some of you know what that’s like.

I did end up sort of copying the pattern illustration I posted when I announced the August apron winner, although I decided to make the full apron version instead of the half. My pleats are not pressed flat like they are in the drawing, because I ended up positioning my pockets more to the side where the pleats are. Anyway, I’m pretty confident this one will fit any size, and I made it with really long ties, just in case you like to tie in the front.

Once again, I used part of the bolt of Waverly fabric I purchased last year at the Goodwill — you might recognize it from my sewing room, where it covers my chair and ironing board, and is also a curtain. I had lots of fabric to play with for this apron, which allowed me to line up the front, skirt and pocket pieces just the way I wanted, even though the print is fairly large. The fabric to make the trim was also a Goodwill purchase, so it’s a completely recycled piece. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to enter the September giveaway.





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