Chintz Quilts for Baby Girls – One Finish

So . . . I had this idea to quilt these baby quilts with some vintage linen thread I found at the Goodwill. The thread is heavy-ish — a bit thicker than perle cotton, and it has a nice sheen to it that looks nice against the chintz. However, actually stitching with it was a real challenge. The fabrics in this quilt are thicker than normal quilting cottons, and I had to use pliers to get that fat needle and thick thread through the glazed decorator fabrics. Also there was no way to pull a knot through the fabric, so all ends had to be woven in and out of the seams.

My quilting stitches are pretty big — not really what I’d call “big stitch,” but larger than my normal quilting. The squares are quilted with straight lines (no stitching through those thick intersections), the pink border has a zig-zag, and the chintz border has overlapping half circles. On the second quilt, I’m plan to reverse this, with curved quilting in the squares and straight lines in the border.

The back is half of a large pale pink damask tablecloth, which turned out to be a pretty great idea. The damask design is pretty, the fabric is soft, and it would be very easy to needle if you weren’t using crazy glazed decorator fabric to make your quilt.

Update: Both chintz quilts are done and can be viewed here.

Chintz Baby Quilt
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2014
machine pieced, hand quilted
37″ x 45″




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