ABC Coloring Book for Labor Day

Here’s a cute undated coloring book which includes four different alphabet sets (jobs, fruit/vegetables/flowers, simple objects, and animals). I thought the jobs one would be perfect for Labor Day, with its quaint worker illustrations featuring children. Some of these jobs would surely be unfamiliar to children today (ice man, organ grinder, valet, yeoman, zinc worker), and they wouldn’t have been familiar to the childhood me, either. When my children were little, they would probably have associated several of these jobs with me (baker, laundress, quilter, upholsterer, and possibly junkman) or their dad (carpenter — since there’s no banker, candlemaker, cook or stained glass artist).

I love ABC books in general, but I have a soft spot for this one because I stitched the Q is for Quilter illustration in 2008 for part of my blog header. Sometimes I think about changing it, but I never do — I really like it.

ABC-Coloring-Book-A ABC-Coloring-Book-B-C ABC-Coloring-Book-D-E ABC-Coloring-Book-F-G ABC-Coloring-Book-H ABC-Coloring-Book-I-J ABC-Coloring-Book-K-L ABC-Coloring-Book-M ABC-Coloring-Book-N ABC-Coloring-Book-O-P ABC-Coloring-Book-Q-R ABC-Coloring-Book-S ABC-Coloring-Book-T ABC-Coloring-Book-U-V ABC-Coloring-Book-W-X ABC-Coloring-Book-Y-Z

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