Chintz Quilts for Twin Baby Girls – WIP

Our friends, Jan and Albert, became grandparents (again) when tiny Megan and Eryn were born prematurely in May. The girls are both home from the hospital now and Jan says they are doing wonderfully well. To celebrate their homecoming, I wanted to make a couple of quilts, but I wanted to get them done quickly. I decided to only use stuff I had on hand (no running to the fabric store), which isn’t really that hard because I have a lot of stuff, and I wanted it to be a simple pattern.

The quilts (37″ x 45″) are made with scraps of chintz and other floral fabrics — some vintage and some newer. The squares are leftovers from aprons and my daughter’s wedding pennants, the borders are remnants from the Goodwill. One quilt has a pink stripe for the narrow border, and the other one has a tiny pink check. I plan to use those two pinks for the binding as well.

In these photos, the quilts look incredibly busy. There is a lot going on, but they look much better in person for some reason. I hope I’m not just kidding myself.





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