Farm Journal Quilt Patterns, 1937 and 1939

The patterns got all mixed up when I was grouping them by print size. Only a few of the individual patterns include a date, so I am no longer able to tell which envelope most of them came from, but it’s either 1937 or 1939.

This group includes two pieced patterns and two appliqué patterns; one of the appliqué patterns (Summer Flowers) has geometric shapes giving it the look of a pieced pattern. I’ve never liked stitching these, because I think it’s very difficult to keep all those angles straight. I’d rather sew a complicated pieced pattern than one of these.

These instruction sheets have only a tiny illustration of the finished block, so I enlarged it for each pattern. Click twice on the template page to enlarge, then right click to save the image which can be printed in the original size on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.

Turkey in the Straw



Connecticut Star



Summer Flowers

Farm-Journal-quilt-pattern-Summer-Flowers-2 Farm-Journal-quilt-pattern-Summer-Flowers-

Christmas Rose

Farm-Journal-quilt-pattern-Christmas-Rose-2 Farm-Journal-quilt-pattern-Christmas-Rose


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