Another Medallion Doll Quilt?

I wasn’t planning on doing another medallion quilt in my doll quilt series. There are so many others on my list (two-color, whole cloth, sampler, or even Hawaiian), but then I found the photo below in the book Great Little Quilts by Eleanor Levie. The original is about 45″ square, but mine is going to be just 18″, which required a few hours of drafting with some 1/10″ grid paper. My design is not perfect, but the original is also a little funky, and I think that’s just fine.

My templates are all traced and cut, but it’s going to take some time to gather the antique fabrics for this little quilt, because I need some larger pieces of red and brown for a couple of the borders where the prints are the same. If I can’t find exactly what I need, I’ll use reproduction fabric for those sections.

As I was drawing this pattern, a couple of things came to mind about the advantages of using template patterns. First, you can design a quilt with any weird size piece you want (like 7/10th”), and it’s very easy to reduce or enlarge a pattern by simply scanning and re-sizing the template pieces. There are instructions in the book to make this quilt in a 48″ size, which is similar to the original. If the author had provided templates, it would have been a lot easier for me to shrink this pattern.




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