Thank You!

How wonderful to receive all of your sweet birthday wishes. I had an enjoyable day of sewing and junking, and am looking forward to the weekend celebrating my birthday and Mother’s Day with my family.

The drawing for the May apron is tomorrow, and I wanted to talk about my reason for adding rules about who can enter. I know lots of bloggers have giveaways to attract new readers, although I’m not convinced this actually works, but my motivation was to thank the people who read my blog and take the time to make a comment. Meeting other people who share my enthusiasm for needlework or vintage books and patterns is the best thing about blogging, plus you’ve given me some great advice on my projects. One of my goals for my 67th year is to be a better blogger and follower — commenting more on the blogs I love, writing more posts, and rewarding readers who comment with silly giveaways.

Okay, so all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday, and have not entered the May apron giveaway, should enter now. Even if you don’t wear aprons, I bet you know someone who does.


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