Triangle Quilt Top

It’s hard to judge which took longer — hand cutting the 5,110 triangles, or sewing them together. Originally I had planned to put these triangles on a design wall, but that never happened because I soon realized it was a crazy idea. Other than including one light-ish and one-darkish piece in the two-triangle units, I made very little effort to coordinate or distribute the colors and patterns.

The top contains around 75% antique fabric, while the remaining triangles are reproduction prints, most of which were sent to me by two quilters (thank you so much Mickie and Meredith). Because madders do not hold up well over time, most of the those pieces are repros, as are some of the reds, double-pinks, purples, and yellows. All of the cadet, indigo, mourning, neon, homespun, and shirting prints are very old.

The quilt was inspired by an antique triangle quilt I saw on Jan’s blog, What a Load a Scrap. That quilt had larger triangles and was created with an amazing amount of beautiful madders, while mine is made with small triangles and is more scrappy. My quilt is large (84″ x 90″), and contains 73 rows, each of which has 70 triangles. I plan to use the zig-zag quilting design from the original quilt, which cleverly avoids having to stitch through the points.





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