Laura Wheeler Design 777 — Peacock Panel

Ethel E. Hughes of Elwood, Indiana, loved peacocks — a lot. She must have ordered every peacock transfer Needlecraft Services published.  And she was organized, adding small floss and fabric samples to each pattern. I especially like the comments she wrote on the envelopes:  “I like this peacock best for the quilt”, “pretty peacock for bed sheet”, “this peacock is perfect for my bedspread”, “another large peacock for bedspread”, “I think I have another peacock almost like this one”, and “my beautiful new peacock.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Ethel managed to actually stitch any of her fabulous peacocks, because none of the transfers have been used, but fortunately, someone kept her collection intact. For those of you who are also peacock fans, here is the first of Ethel’s patterns (click until images are full size).  Check back tomorrow for another peacock pattern from the Hughes collection.

Laura Wheeler Design 777
Needlecraft Services, 1957
15″ x 20″



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