Laura Wheeler Design 7107 — Peacocks

This is the second peacock transfer in the Ethel E. Hughes series (the previous design is here). The peacocks on this sheet were designed for use on “towels, pillowcases, cloths, scarfs and pillows.” By cloths, I guess they mean linens to cover tables or furniture. My grandmother always referred to her furniture cloths as antimacassars, and I thought that was such a cool word. My grandpa was pretty much bald, so I don’t think he was in the habit of using Macassar oil on his hair, but the antimacassars did keep the backs and arms of her furniture clean, and they were always embroidered with pretty motifs.

There are eight peacocks on this large sheet, but only three different designs. Click until images are full size.

Laura-Wheeler-7107-peacocks-1 Laura-Wheeler-7107-peacocks-2 Laura-Wheeler-7107-peacocks-3 Laura-Wheeler-7107-peacocks-directions

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