210 Things To Do, 1942 — The Doll Family at Home

Since many of you are probably experiencing snow and freezing temperatures, here is a fun indoor activity for your children or grandchildren. My younger sister and I loved these activity books when we were little and, because this book was published about a decade earlier, it is even cooler than the books I remember (the couch and table cover are my favorites). The instructions call for a hat box, which you probably don’t have, but you could use any sort of tallish box. I have reduced the size of the images just a bit, so you should be able to print the pages on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper (click twice to enlarge, then save or print).
Note: Family, unfortunately, not included.

201 Things to Do
Puzzles, Games, Cutouts
Merrill Publishing Co., 1942












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